Would You Like To Go On A Wine Tour In Portland?

wine tour in portland

If you are familiar with Portland, then you may also know that wine tours in Portland are the most famous and the most refreshing things to do in there. So how about a walk with the Willamette Valley vineyards and wineries? How about getting along with others on this wine tour in Portland? I am sure all of us would love to taste the exotic collection of wines made here and so let’s know more about the wine stories with a sip of each variety.


Here at The Grape Escape, you see the artists using wine that is nearly 2 decades old. They offer you the finest collection of wines and privately crafted food. Choose your glass, twirl it well and sip in the heavenly tasting wine nibbling over the best food too. People say you get the best wine in the country right here in Grape Escape in Portland. You can go for the wine tour in Portland to this place from 11am to 5pm and they take you from downtown to their 3 best wineries. A $100 would be enough for you to be here and taste everything that’s in food, wines, exotic collections, privately crafted and this also covers the tasting fees. How cool would that be?


So EcoTours is one of those places where you can go enjoy your wine outdoors. There are people who love sitting outside, gazing at the magnificent Panorama laid in front of them by the nature and sipping their favorite wine. So if you belong to that kind, then welcome to EcoTour. The best part is that you can even ask for a customized birdwatching session with your wine and food. This place is influenced by Oregon and Pacific Northwest. These people cover minimum 3 wineries and you also get the chance of winemaking which is then followed by lunch sessions. You need a $100 here also that include everything along with the tasting fee.


If you want to know how the wine of Oregon is so special and the best then a visit to the Great Oregon Wine Tour is a must. In here, you will meet the amazing “Wizard of Wine” Wayne Oppenheimer. Now this wine expert will tell you in detail about the soil textures, the cloning system, techniques used in the wine managements and the extraction methods. In here, you will not just learn about the quality of the wines, but also about how they are made.  Come taste the wines here and heave a sigh of relief after gulping down a heavenly sip.


Well-crafted food cooked in one of the classiest varieties of olive oils and great wine! What else do we need to have a perfect moment in life? Oh! A good partner sometimes! Wildwood Adventures offers a wide range of gourmet delights. You get the chance of visiting 3 most impressive wineries and also the Oregon Olive Mill located in the Dundee Hills. You will love this wine tour in Portland undoubtedly because there is so much to explore, gawk at and finally get the chance of chugging them down your throats.


Now if you are not aware of the language while tasting your wine and are in need of a translator then the wine tour in Portland by the Willamette also provides you with translators at the America’s Hub World Tours. You get to hear translators for Spanish, German, Mandarin, French and Italian. So ask away for a translator for your choice of language. The vineyards are filled with barrels of samples of various wine selections at the three top vineyards. How about some gourmet cheese with the wine? I know you have already started imagining it.


This one has Willamette Valley’s most innovative version. A helicopter tour with some wine! You will be allowed to raise high in the sky and then given the taste of various wines right in the middle of nowhere! That is what Konect Aviation will do for you and your love for wines will be taken to new heights. You can see the entire vineyards, city of Portland and the surroundings from a bird’s eye view! Do not delay in booking them then.

So if you are a foreigner reading this article, then we suggest you book some cheap flight tickets with the help of online travel agencies Indian Eagle like and reach Portland to experience the best wine tours in Portland. Cheers to Portland’s amazing wine tours!