Is Smoking Bad for Your Teeth and Gums?

Yes, smoking is bad for your dental health. It can harm your teeth and gums more than you think. In fact, tobacco use in any form can put your mouth or oral cavity at serious health risks. The harmful effects of smoking are both types, visible and invisible, as if not only ruin the natural shine and colour of your teeth but also make the gums diseased.

You must quit this bad habit at the earliest if you want to achieve total dental health. Your teeth and gums can’t be healthy and disease-free unless you quit smoking. And if you did not quit smoking, you might have to ready for a steeper teeth cleaning cost in future.

Smoking can affect your teeth and gums in many ways, including –

1 – Tooth Discoloration

Tooth discoloration is one of major casualties to smoking. The habit can turn your whitening and brightening teeth into dull, stained and yellowish teeth earlier than you think. The chemicals and additives in tobacco can dent the natural dazzle and glow of your teeth and leave them pale in colour. The more your smoke, the more your teeth will become discolored and the tougher it will become for the dentist to treat. Your smile, face and confidence all will take a hit when your teeth are anything but white. So, quit smoking and avoid discoloration.

2 – Tooth Decay

Smokers are more at risk for tooth decay than non-smokers. Tobacco in any form is not good for your teeth and it can even cause infections to the cavities. And when cavities are infected, it might make the teeth to break and this is how the risk of tooth decay remains greater. Similarly, people who smoke are also prone to poor oral hygiene which could also lead to tooth decay in them. Smoking can also weaken the tooth structure leading to tooth loss prematurely. So, ditch the habit today itself and take a positive step towards maintaining a better dental health.

3 – Periodontal Disease


Smoking and tobacco use are one of likely causes of periodontal disease which is an advanced form of gum disease. With smoking, your gums are always at risk of inflammation and swelling and bleeding. The early stage of periodontal disease is entirely preventable but smoking or tobacco use can aggravate it leading to the risk of tooth decay and serious oral infections. The chemicals present in tobacco can harm the gums and cause tenderness which is responsible for infections and gingivitis. So, quit smoking and stop your gum problems becoming worse and untreatable.

4 – Bone Damage

Gum diseases are characterised by infection which can spread into bone and tissue if not treatment in a timely manner. And if such infection is not cured, it can cause damage to the bone and can even weaken it irreparably. And with damaged bone, your tooth structure will always be in risk of becoming weaker by the day leading to tooth decay and premature tooth loss. Worse still, you may require surgical intervention if you allow periodontal disease to progress. So, say goodbye to the bad habit of smoking and always stay on top of your dental health.

5 – Tooth Loss

We know smoking can lead to periodontal disease. Thus, you will always be prone to tooth loss because the infection can make the gums considerably weaker over time. And with gums turning weaker, this will loosen their grip onto the teeth leading to premature tooth loss. In fact, people with advanced form of gum diseases are more likely to suffer from tooth loss than the rest. This clearly points to the need of quitting smoking and taking a right step towards maintaining a better dental health.

6 – Mouth lesions 

People who smoke are at greater risk for oral cancer than those who don’t. Smoking or chewing tobacco often causes lesions at the site of chewing. The same lesions could become cancerous over time putting a great risk to the health. So, it’s important to consult the dentist, check teeth polishing cost and know how to stop the bad habit and maintain total health for teeth and gums. Only then can you think of staying healthy and disease-free in true sense.