Pregnancy is the most beautiful journey of a woman’s life. Whether you are a first-time mom-to-be or you had previous experience, once it is out that you are pregnant, the very first thing you need to do is to get in touch with a good gynaecologist. Pregnancy questions that keep popping in head can turn you into a complete paranoid and it may not always be possible to approach your doctor every time due to one or many reasons. For that, internet has come up as a blessing for all of us, as it has paved way for online doctor consultation services which have made the best doctors from all around, just a tap away. Here is how online consultation can help pregnant women:

  • Enhanced privacy

Even though we are living in the 21st century, many women are not comfortable while discussing on pregnancy, gynaec issues and sex-related topics. With such services, one can search doctors online and discuss their issues freely as they have full control on their privacy and there is no face to face confrontation.

  • Round the clock service

Physical consultations are time bounded and in case you are looking for immediate consultation out of that time frame, you may have to wait until next appointment. On the other hand, for online consultation you don’t have to worry about the consultation hours and days as the service in available round the clock from one or the other doctor.

  • Instant response

Pregnancy is a delicate phase when your body requires sufficient rest. However, when you visit the doctor physically, you might have to wait for long hours which can be very exhaustive. But in an online consultation portal, you can book the appointment slot at your convenient time and get consultation done without waiting anymore. You remain at the comfort of your home, Book doctor appointment online, and get advised without going out or travelling.

  • Beyond geographical boundaries: 

The best part of online doctor consultation services is that you can get in touch with the experts from any corner of the world. In case a pregnant lady needs an immediate consultation (as far as it is not an emergency) with a gynaecologist practicing miles away, she can find doctors online and get the help required without travelling to the place in person.

  • Extremely cost efficient

To avail these online services, one has to pay certain amount which is very reasonable as compared to the physical consultation fees, the time spend in the clinic, and the money spent on the commutation. Additionally, most portals offer free subsequent follow-ups for some days and even refund 100% fees in case the patient is not satisfied.

Word of caution

The online doctor consultation is a convenient method to instantly connect with a health expert, but it is not always a substitute of direct consultation. Pregnant women should always see their gynaecologist on the scheduled date and follow all the advised precautions. These online services during pregnancy should be used to get the queries answered which cannot be addressed by their gynaecologist at that particular time due to any reason. Also, in case of any emergency, do not wait for online consultation; immediately rush to your doctor.