Basics of Link exchange Every Blogger Should Know

Basics of Link exchange Every Blogger Should Know

A link or link is understood as a recommendation provided by one site to another, however, this recommendation must come from websites relevant to the topic of your site in order to be completely sure that you will get the expected results using a reasonable link exchange program.

Just as a footballer cannot give good advice, recommending a supplier of auto parts in Singapore, so a web site selling plasma televisions at a discount will not benefit if it is recommended (i.e. it will be referenced) by the site of a law firm. Similar to this, a Travel blogger cannot write about any gaming topics like Fortnite Season 8.

The first question we need to ask ourselves before starting a link exchange campaign is: “Why do we actually need this?” , And the answer is quite simple: “The more relevant and high-quality links pointing to our site, the faster it will be ranked by best positions.

After that, several other questions may arise: “To whom can I refer?” , “Who will refer to me?” , “How many links can I have?” And many others. To resolve all these issues, several Internet Marketing Company considers these points.

13 Important Points to Consider

  1. It is always necessary to search for subject links. As stated at the beginning, there will be no positive effect from links coming from websites or link farms whose topics are not related to ours, moreover, your website may be banned if such links exist.
  2. Having more links to our site than to a competitor’s site is not an indicator of success. Search engines rank links for their quality, not for their quantity.
  3. Backlinks versus unidirectional links. A backlink is easier to get, as you exchange links with other (thematic) sites to gain better popularity, which is a good deal for both parties … a good but weak deal. Each time, search engine algorithms give less importance to exchanging links. Quality unidirectional links (inbound links) are regarded by search engines as more valuable and give high importance to the site if links to it do not require a reciprocal return.
  4. Subject and authoritative links. Subject links are links from sites that are related to yours, and these are the most appropriate links for you, as well as vice versa. A good example of a thematic link can be a site with reviews of “where to spend a vacation” with a link to a site of a travel company.
  5. Authoritative sites are sites with a high level of PR (Google Page Rank 8-10) and therefore they can link to the site, even if the site is no match for them, but simply as an aid, for example, a news site referring to an online MP3 store -player
  6. Search for the right web sites. We want to focus our efforts on meaningful inbound links, so while there is free time, you should look only for those sites that have links to your competitors in the top positions for your main keywords. After that, find out how the found sites really matter for your web site, what type the found site belongs to (information, catalog, business reviews, newspaper, etc.). And in the end, you submit your information for free or by paying a certain amount (per month/year), depending on the policy of the referring site, in order to get a one-way link to our site.
  7. Further, in the process of optimization, you should create a good copy for each link that you want to exchange (suggest), including the desired page to which the transition will be made, and the text of the link. Directories allow you to add a description, but if you buy a link from a thematic site, you are unlikely to be given the opportunity to describe your site – you can simply add optimized text and a target URL.
  8. In the process of selecting sites, for placing links to them (more important and useful if you buy them), you must take into account the quality of these web sites, their importance and position in search engines (in Google, see the parameter Rank Page ), as the content on the site, to be completely sure that it is really useful for your business.
  9. Another factor that you should pay attention to is the quantity and quality of the inbound links of the site that links to your site, identical to how we conducted research on competitor sites.
  10. Dealing (when exchanging or buying links) with so-called “link sets” (even if they are of high quality and on the same topic), make sure that they point to different IP addresses in order to get the maximum effective result possible.
  11. If all links point to the same IP address, search engines will count them for one link.
  12. The fewer outbound links on your site, the more, the more appreciated your site will be when ranked by search engines. When buying a link, you can ask how many links are already sold from this particular site/page.
  13. Search engine algorithms do not stop changing, but the most important thing to know is that getting optimized text links from other high-quality websites to your website will always help them gain a higher rank and position when ranking in search engines.


When you use Link exchange to rank your website in Google Search Engine, then everyone keeps on saying that ‘link building is dead’ then don’t listen to anyone. If you want your blog to achieve success then keep your focus on Link Building, decide from where the Best link will come from? And always try to avoid abnormal links.

So, to rank better in search results, shift your focus on building in-depth content as compared to your competitor. At the same time, try making some friends online in the blogging community. So, later, you can get help from them for writing a guest post on their Website. If you follow all these points regularly then no one can stop you from getting a top rank in the google search for some particular keywords.

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