7 Major SEO Trends

As Google is coming up with new changes in its algorithm, SEO is becoming more complex than ever. So, in order to stay ahead of your competitors and grow in this this highly competitive environment, you will have to be aware of the ever changing rules and regulations. In order to stay ahead and be counted, you will need to do things differently in comparison to your competitors. Here are some trends which you should focus upon to achieve your objectives:-

SERP features are on the ascendant

Are you thing that a top organic ranking will help you draw maximum traffic? You need to think twice. Of late, SERP features such as knowledge panels, featured snippets, local packs etc. are drawing the attention of searchers as well as clicks from organic listings. As SERP features continue to evolve, it is essential for you to track your rankings with the help of these features. You also need to observe the features which get displayed for your keywords and are possibly drawing away your traffic.

Usage of structured data


Structured data is pattern for formatting HTML which utilizes a particular vocabulary. It tells search engines how they should understand content and how it should be displayed in the SERPs. Google hasn’t officially confirmed that structured data is a ranking signal. And isn’t likely to do so in the future.

You might think then why structured data is important? Structured data enables you to improve your search listings in many ways. Consider rich snippets and Knowledge Graph panels. The latter can enhance your listing’s CTR (click-through rate) considerably. Experts suggest that an increase in clicks improves rankings. As search results are getting diverse with every passing day, you cannot ignore the prospect of being noticed.

You should rather work on it immediately, before a competitor actually does. There are numerous structured data formats.  However, most companies which offer SEO Service in Delhiuse Schema.org.

Voice search is a major factor

optimize for voice

Are you doubtful about the importance of voice search? Google’s reports confirm that 55% of teenagers and 40% adults use voice search on a regular basis. The ratio of voice search is growing at a much faster rate in comparison to type search. The former calls for a completely new keyword research routine. Voice searchers utilize usual, conversational sentences rather than odd-sounding ones.

You can make use of Rank Tracker for researching questions voice searchers are expected to ask. First launch Rank Tracker, go to Keyword Research and click on Suggest Keywords. Select the Common Questions method from the list and type the keywords.

Only the fastest will survive

Speed is a major factor. It is not merely a ranking factor but an important UX factor also. UX makes an impact on rankings. But how fast should your website exactly be? Google expects web pages to load in less than three seconds.

In order to deal with the issue, you will need to undergo Google’s page speed test. It is integrated within Website Auditor and is available in free version.        You will only have to launch WebSite Auditor and create a project. Then go to Content Analysis and mention the page which you want to test. In an instant, you will come across on-page factors which are calculated for you. Then go to Technical factors and scroll to Page speed (Desktop).

Mobile is really huge

As voice search is rising, more than half of Google’s searches are coming from mobile phones. Thus, mobile-first index and mobile-friendliness are major factors. But first and foremost, and check if your web-pages are mobile-friendly.You can takeGoogle’s mobile test in Website Auditor, under the Content Analysis. Enter URL of the page you which you would like to test. Adopt technical factors, enter URL of the Page which you intend to test, switch to technical factors and then scroll down to Page usability (Mobile).

Click on the tricky factors if any and look for advice on how to fix it. Share the tips with developers from the SEO Services Company in Delhi you hire. Re-runthe test once enhancements have been done.

‘Linkless’ backlinks will hold the key

For many years, links were a major factor for search engines. SEOs usually spend a major part of their time on optimizing. But since times are changing, and linkless mentions can become an off-page signal of significant importance. Search engines can interrelate mentions with brands and utilize them to decide the authority of a site.

SERP is becoming increasingly personalized

Personalized search results are not only based on traditional ranking factors such as search results, interests or history. Search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Yahoo have all personalized their search results in numerous ways. In 2011, an experiment showed that more than 50% of Google’s searches had been personalized. The number is likely to have increased since then.

One thing which you will have to remember is that the tracking of your ranking needs to be highly accurate. Rank Tracker will cross-check your rankings in a depersonalized way by default. So there is no necessity for setting up any type of extra prefs. But in case you are looking for unbiased results in your browser, make sure that you are using a Private/Incognito mode.