6 Things Your Mouth Can Tell You About Your Health

Your mouth can tell more about your health than you think. It can indicate whether or not you are healthy. In fact, your dentist can check your mouth and determine conditions as varied as heart disease, diabetes, kidney problem and so on. With a link between oral health and overall being already established, this should definitely push you to work harder for your oral hygiene. If you don’t care your teeth and gums properly, it might lead to a variety of dental and healthy challenges alike which you would definitely want to avoid.

Mouth Can Tell You About Your Health

Here are things your mouth can tell about your health –

1. Gum inflammation indicates diabetes

If your gums are inflamed and the problem persists for days on end, it may indicate diabetes. Even ulcers, bad breath, thrush and tooth decay may be a sign of your being a pre-diabetic. If your oral care is good, such problems may not happen but if you lax with regular dental hygiene, gum issues are then inevitable. It’s therefore important to consult a dentist on a regular basis, get dental check ups and spot these symptom sooner rather than later. So, never ignore gum issues else the risk of diabetes might go up.

2. Periodontal disease may indicate cardiovascular disease

Don’t take periodontal disease lightly as it may also be a sign of cardiovascular disease. This may put you at greater risk for heart attack and stroke. The focus should be on superior oral care to not let the bacteria from gum inflammation enter the bloodstream. Else, they might travel through the bloodstream and reach to the arteries to cause its hardening. And with hardened arteries, you will always be at risk for stroke. With proper oral care, you can keep your teeth and gums healthy and prevent bacteria form entering the heart system.

3. Worn down teeth may indicate sleep apnea

If your teeth are worn down, it may a sign of sleep apnea – a serious condition characterized by lack of oxygen flow into the airways. In general, teeth wear down when someone grinds or clenches their teeth to open their airways during sleep. Persistent headaches may also indicate sleep apnea so it’s better to consult a dentist immediately and know the cause of the problem. Even if sleep apnea is a serious problem, it’s entirely treatable in nature which should ease your worries. You can get it treated to minimize dental health risks.

4. Tooth erosion may point to dietary issues

If you experience a sudden increase in tooth erosion or cavities, don’t ignore it as it may indicate to some dietary issues. In some case, it’s an eating disorder causing you tooth erosion or cavities in quick manner than expected. Such dental problems may indicate that either you eat poorly or lack key nutrients in the body. A lack of calories may also lead to dental caries which is why you should be careful with your diet. If your dental health goes through abrupt nature of changes, it is then better to consult the dentist and see if it’s due to poor diet or some other health issues.

5. Gum inflammation may indicate kidney problem

If you face gum inflammation that does not go way for days, it’s then better to consult the dentist and know the cause of the problem. This condition may also point to kidney problems, so being careful is the only way out. Like cardiovascular disease, your kidney too will be at risk from the same bacteria in your mouth that you allow to grow. Such bacteria can enter the bloodstream and travel up to kidney to cause severe damages. Kidney problems may also be a result of other concerns to the body, but inflamed gums are something you must not ignore particularly if it does not go away in a day or two.

6. White spots on tongue may indicate weak immune system

White spots on the gums may be more than just an indication of poor oral hygiene. It may point to a weak immune system. Such white patches or plaques are generally an infection caused by a type of yeast. An antifungal medication can help cure this problem easily. But if you ever find such patches on your tongue, it’s better to report to it the dentist in Nassau county NY and see what it means. Redness and difficulty in swallowing are some of other signs of the problems you must not ignore.

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