Skin lightening continues to be one of the most demanded interests among women. Especially when observing actors like Leona Lewis turning almost unidentifiable in her new outlook.

Skin Lightening Myths

Lightening your complexion can be a tricky process. As it involves skin color changing and maybe some chemicals that might lead to long lasting damage.

On the other hand, skin lightening process is a great way to reach luminous skin if done correctly. Melanocyte cells are the reason behind having your skin color & shade. The question is, how far can it be altered and what’s the safety limit? Should you stop treatment once you see results?

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misunderstanding around this topic.

Thus, I will clarify 5 misconceptions that are common on skin lightening, beauty, and the whitening basics.

  • All skin lighteners are the same!

The market is flooded with tons of terrible skin bleachers & lighteners. Don’t simply follow a product because it’s endorsed by a celebrity. It’s all about the ingredients and how it works. And never about the packaging or the fancy looks.

  • Hydroquinone is amazing and gives great results!

Most bleaching products include Hydroquinone into their ingredients. For most manufacturers it’s the cheapest and fastest formula to have in their creams. Why?

Skin melanin pigment is developed due to an enzyme called Tyrosinase. Hydroquinone works by suppressing it. And as long as Hydroquinone stays on your skin, the enzyme will not develop and you’ll remain fairer.

The bad news, Hydroquinone has been linked to skin cancer cases. And that’s the reason why this specific ingredient is banned in Europe. Thus, I personally don’t consider it safe and avoid any product that includes Hydroquinone.

  • Stay on this lightening cream for few weeks and stop it after you see results!

I have heard this statement from many skin lightening ads. Which is ridiculous. A skin lightening cream does not deliver permanent results. Once you stop using it you’ll gain back your original skin shade.

  • This product for every skin type!

It’s essential to identify your skin type and consult with your beauty specialist before opting for any skin routine.

Using a new lightening product straightway on your skin without any preparation can lead to unsatisfactory outcome. For example, dry skin need to be moisturized first before undergoing the lightening process. An oily skin needs an exfoliating version of this skin lightening cream.

  • glutathione injections better than lightening creams

The hype behind gluathatione injections is understandable due to the fast results! It works immediately after being injected into the blood stream.

Glutathione IV hasn’t been approved for skin lightening from a medical scale. Which can be worrying!Especially when it is IV.

The reported adverse from glutathione include, adverse cutaneous eruptions including potentially fatal Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) and toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN), severe abdominal pain, thyroid dysfunction, renal dysfunction, and lethal complications such as air embolism.

Last Tip

Look for skin lightening products that consists of 100% natural ingredients. Searching for guides on how to bleach your skin at home might take longer to bleach your skin might not be easy to reach an accurate guide. Moreover,keep an eye on certain natural ingredients that mainly contribute to the effectiveness of the product such as kojic acid, glycolic acid, Papaya, and sepiwhite FSH.